"Published research reports and evaluation on the role of forum theatre to increase life skills."

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Odd Arts has undergone 2 external research programmes with The University of Central Lancashire and Manchester Metropolitan University. Rebecca, our Director, sits on the Steering Group for the National Arts Alliance for Criminal Justice, and showing that what we do, works, is incredibly important. Please take a look at the two published research reports on Odd Arts.

Odd Arts has a comprehensive Theory of Change, for more information and to access a copy, please email info@oddarts.co.uk

University of Central Lancashire on Odd Arts

Creative Leadership and Forum Theatre

The report evaluates one of Odd Art’s creative programme that uses applied and forum theatre to increase leadership and skills.

The following key outcomes of the Odd Arts Creative Leadership programme all demonstrate factors related to confidence, self-awareness and self-presentation, and, therefore, skills and capacities required to show creative leadership of self and others and negotiate entry into the world of employment.

The module:

  • Raised self-esteem, enabling re-evaluation of past ‘failures’ and future opportunities
  • Developed awareness of imaginative approaches to life and problem-solving
  • Demonstrated to participants that creative activities offer opportunities for self-expression and peer recognition
  • Enabled participants’ voices to be heard through theatre increasing their ability to communicate
  • Enabled participants to share and reflect upon apparently intractable issues that might otherwise have remained unexpressed
  • Developed a feeling of empowerment and personal authority, highlighting aspects of leadership other than rule-bound discipline
  • Increased appreciation of the nature and benefits of teamwork
  • Provided an opportunity for pleasure, freedom of thought and a sense of release that was obtained through being able to participate in the creative process

Manchester Metropolitan University on Odd Arts

Applied Performance Arts Interventions within Justice Services: Moving Forward Toward an Integrated Sustainable Evaluative Approach

This report evaluates the impact of a resettlement programme using forum theatre and therapeutic creative delivery in prisons, adult resettlement centres and secure units.

It focuses on the impact good partnership has on effective projects as well as the need for long-term sustained work in prisons to ensure the highest level of impact.

The evaluation summarises the main findings:

  • Development of confidence (beneficiaries)
  • Increased ability to work in diverse groups (beneficiaries)
  • Development of peer support / education / empathy (beneficiaries)
  • Expertise and professionalism of Odd Arts staff
  • Odd Arts approach (gamification in applied arts based intervention / quasi-covert theme embedded in programme)
  • Importance of integrated planning and evaluation with host organisation

It also investigates the challenges of evaluating applied theatre.

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Odd Arts is working tirelessly to address the challenges of a society facing increasing division, violence & isolation.

Odd Arts gives people the skills, hope, voice & confidence to make positive change to their own lives.

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