"Our training is delivered to professionals and students in both the arts, criminal justice, community and education sector."

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Our Work

Our training is delivered to professionals and students in the arts, criminal justice, community and education sector. We share various creative styles, behaviour management techniques as well as the theory & approach behind our work.

We also design bespoke training sessions to meet the training needs of creative, criminal justice and education partners.


Our Workshops

  • Isolation to Radicalisation
  • Engaging Vulnerable and Excluded Groups Creatively

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Isolation to Radicalisation

A training programme for front line staff / teachers to upskill them in how to hold challenging conversations around issues including hate crime, radicalisation and discrimination. The training is interactive and includes a live theatre performance It equips participants with information on the process, warning signs and triggers linked to exploitation and radicalisation. We share techniques including restorative approaches, listening skills, and non-violent communication techniques.


  • Enhance staff understanding of how marginalisation of a particular individual or group can affect student attainment and risk of becoming groomed / radicalised
  • Increase confidence in terminology and speaking about the issues relating to radicalisation
  • Enable staff to feel confident to engage people in exploring issues that could lead to lack of engagement/marginalisation and how to avoid this
  • Enable all staff to provide and explicitly model inclusive trategies in their teaching
  • Skills in how to hold challenging conversations

The session can be delivered between 2 – 2.5 hours dependent on partner needs and schedules.

Engaging Vulnerable and Excluded Groups Creatively

A training programme sharing creative exercises and theory to engage vulnerable participants with challenging behaviour. Participants should expect to increase both creative techniques and behaviour management skills.


  • Share the methodology behind our work and applied theatre
  • Practice new skills and creative techniques for leading inclusive
    group work
  • Explore how the arts can be used to explore contentious issues
    and to challenge attitudes and behaviours
  • Share skills to use the arts for improved communication and
    social skills
  • Behaviour management techniques and considerations
  • Reflection and review:
    • How can a creative approach be delivered within different fields and subjects?
    • Time to reflect on own leadership / facilitation techniques and revise as necessary

This can be delivered as a full day training course or 4 x 2 hour sessions. Each participant will receive a toolkit once completed the course.

We also deliver this training programme within FREE weekly creative training for 16-25 yr olds at Moss Side Powerhouse every Thursday evening 5:00pm – 7:00pm. Please see the flyer below for more details.

Our Other Workshops

Odd Arts deliver a wide range of workshops to raise awareness of many issues which we feel are most relevant to the partners we are working with. We can tailor and adapt our workshops to fit the needs and requirements of the participants. Please click on one of the links below to find out more about the work we do in other sectors.

Criminal Justice

Mental Health

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You can self-refer to some of our ongoing community sessions.

We deliver FREE WEEKLY workshops at Moss Side Powerhouse in partnership with Manchester Young Lives.

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