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Victim Awareness

"Asks participants to explore the impact and ripple effect of crime on the victim and wider society."

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This programme asks participants to explore the impact and ripple effect of crime on the victim and wider society in order to increase empathy and emotional intelligence. It is usually delivered in prison and with ex-offender or pre-sentence settings.


Increase understanding and skills in restorative practice

Increase confidence, empathy and communication skills

Increase confidence and well-being

Increase awareness of self and others

Increase emotional intelligence


Each programme can be tailored and adapted to the needs of the establishment and participants:

6 to 8 sessions per project

5 to 15 participants per project

Ideally involvement with participant’s family or alternative support network

We require partners to recruit participants in advance

Partner staff on site and available throughout project

Partner support gathering relevant data / evidence for evaluation


Costs depend on:

Additional / specific requirements of partner

Location / travel / accommodation needs

Evaluation depth / requirements

Number of preparatory meetings required

Requests for additional staff

Number of sessions / days delivering

Usually between £1,200 and £1,800.

We work with the participants to devise theatre from their own experiences. This is developed by involving them in games, discussion, role-play, mime and image theatre. The workshops enable them to explore their feelings and experiences and the challenges or ‘oppressions’ they face. We explore alternative solutions to problems and barriers through role-play and discussion and support people to reflect on their own personal challenges in a safe way.

All our projects culminate in a performance back to staff, peers and/or family members. Participants share the themes and learning completed through the project enabling a deeper sense of achievement and learning. Throughout our courses we accredit participants with ASDAN awards in relevant life skills such as Independent living, Leadership and Expressive Arts.

All our practice is underpinned by: Restorative Approaches; Non-Violent Communication and Trauma Informed Approaches.

Here is an example of a theatre project addressing victim awareness, delivering in HMP Hindley. Participants used role play, performance, script-writing, audio and visuals to increase their victim empathy.

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