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Delving Deeper – Radicalisation

"It’s vital we give participant’s the opportunity to better understand their own complex issues, grievances and belief systems before asking them to challenges those of others."

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Delving Deeper is a series of seven therapeutic creative workshops that enable people to explore their own feelings, emotions, vulnerabilities and grievances as well as acknowledging some of the contributing factors to their own belief systems. Odd Arts will share new concepts for young people to reflect on, and empower them to develop their own performance or creative response exploring these.

Odd Arts is an alumni of the US Embassy Exchange on Countering Violent Extremism, and continues to deliver Embassy commissioned work. We were commissioned to present live at EU Parliament’s International conference on preventing extremism and have been contributors for RAN presentations (Radicalisation Awareness Network) as well as many more local and national networks. We have vast experience in wider issues relating more broadly to risk of radicalisation, including: Additional Needs; Domestic/partner abuse; Sexual assault & consent; Knife crime; Exploitation & Mental Health.

All our radicalisation prevention offers have two or three delivery models to ensure they are safe, accessible and appropriate for people within more complex settings such as PRUs, SEN schools, criminal justice or mental health settings, or for people with lived experience of trauma or increased vulnerability.


Increase understanding of the factors that make someone vulnerable to radicalisation

Increase protective measures to reduce vulnerabilities and risk of radicalisation

Increase critical thinking and awareness of our own belief systems

Increase personal emotional awareness and non violent skills to deal with these



Role play and performance

Creative methods: Choice of creative writing; art; theatre (dependent on learner needs)

Mini showcase to peers and staff

Restorative and non-violent communication approaches

Information of where to get support

Debate and team-work


Identity (challenges, nuances & belonging)

Online safety and communications (including algorithms, social media, echo-chambers & mis/disinformation)

Discrimination (racism, LGBTQ+, mysoginy, faith or culture based) Adult influencers including exploitation

Dealing with challenging emotions

Belief systems including those which become hateful and harmful to others

Personal vulnerabilities

Systemic & personal barriers and grievances that can contribute to risk of radicalisation

Trauma and adversity leading to hate towards others

Please note that the needs, lived experience and interests of young people will contribute to the themes they explore in more detail. It will be young-person led.


Ideally class size or smaller (10-30)

Target groups would ideally be young people and communities facing increased vulnerability, disadvantage, discrimination or mental health challenges

Each workshop approximately 2 hours long; 7 sessions in total (including mini showcase of learning & creative work)

Usually £2,450 per project.


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