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Out of Line, Online – Cyber Bullying

"An interactive theatre performance and workshop focussing specifically on the role of the bystander."

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‘Out of Line, Online’ is an interactive forum theatre performance and workshop using professional actors and specialist facilitators to explore key issues around cyber bullying.

This particular performance focuses on the role of the bystander and the impact of bullying on the victim.

The workshop involves interactive debate and discussion exercises and engagement with the actors in performance in order to search for solutions.

There is a post-performance discussion to explore triggers, warning signs and vulnerabilities and signposting to available support services.


Develop awareness of what constitutes ‘cyber bullying’ and other forms of bullying

Understand more about cyber safety and the law

Equip young people to be more confident about what to do if they experience bullying

Increase confidence and explore appropriate behaviour to challenge bullying, including the role of the bystander

Increased empathy & victim awareness

Signposting for support

99% of students questioned in our Cyber Bullying survey said the package would make them do more to prevent cyber bullying and made them think more about the consequences.


The workshop is 60 to 90 minutes long and can be repeated up to 5 times per day

This workshop is suitable for year 7’s upward

This workshop can be delivered as part of a longer-term project responding to the themes in the performance


Costs depend on:

Additional / specific requirements of partner

Location/travel/accommodation needs

Evaluation depth / requirements

Number of preparatory meetings required

Requests for additional staff

Number of actors

Between £650 to £1,100 per half day and £880 and £1,600 per full day. All costs include lead facilitators, actors and evaluation.

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