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"There are many unclear and mixed ideologies that are having an increased threat on our safety and cohesion which our work directly addresses."

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Mixed Up explores the Mixed Unclear and Unstable ideologies. All our performances are developed by working with people with lived experience & specialisms in the issues we address as well as through research into latest learning and trends, and focus groups. The workshop includes a hard hitting play that ends with many complex societal problems relating to MUU ideologies. Workshop participants use the play to try out solutions and early intervention techniques.

Odd Arts is an alumni of the US Embassy Exchange on Countering Violent Extremism, and continues to deliver Embassy commissioned work. We were commissioned to present live at EU Parliament’s International conference on preventing extremism and have been contributors for RAN presentations (Radicalisation Awareness Network) as well as many more local and national networks. We have vast experience in wider issues relating more broadly to risk of radicalisation, including: Additional Needs; Domestic/partner abuse; Sexual assault & consent; Knife crime; Exploitation & Mental Health.

All our radicalisation prevention offers have two or three delivery models to ensure they are safe, accessible and appropriate for people within more complex settings such as PRUs, SEN schools, criminal justice or mental health settings, or for people with lived experience of trauma or increased vulnerability.


Increase understanding of the process of radicalisation (specifically those engaged in MUU ideologies)

Increase awareness of how to support self and others at risk of hateful extremism

Increase skills to challenge & prevent hateful extremism

Increase critical thinking skills

Reduce risk of radicalisation


Interactive discussion and debate

Live theatre performance

Role play and interaction within the theatre performance and with the characters

Practising restorative and non-violent communication approaches

Information of where to get support


MUU: Including obsessive violent tendencies or interests, misogyny & gender/sexuality discrimination, consent, dangerous sub-groups, incels, other anti-democracy ideologies

Online grooming, gaming and cyber-specific exploitation/crime

Identity challenges that can contribute to risk of radicalisation

Systemic & personal barriers and grievances that can contribute to risk of radicalisation


Ideally class groups; or half year groups if necessary (approximately 50 students per session); for adults/community settings between 10 & 50 attendees

1.5-2 hour workshop (flexible to meet school needs)

Up to four sessions per day

Usually £1,200 per day.


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We deliver FREE workshops at our base in Moss Side Powerhouse. We welcome and support young carers, and participants with additional needs.

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