Odd Arts Annual Report 2022-2023

“This year we have continued to build on the themes that matter so deeply to us: Overcoming hate, discrimination & racism; reducing violence (in its many forms); celebrating unheard stories; and mental health.

We have seen an increased demand for our work and the complexity that can come with it. In the ‘post covid’ era we see increased inequalities, a cost of living crisis and a huge strain on funding across the sector. Thanks to our most dedicated, talented and compassionate staff and freelance team, we have continued to find creative solutions to ensure we maintain the most meaningful and high quality experience for the people we serve.

We continue to learn, be challenged and inspired by our beneficiaries – who have played a key part in all our projects, focusing on subjects from air pollution, to the injustice of IPP sentences.

We are at a hugely exciting time for Odd Arts and are incredibly grateful for new confirmed investment over the next three years. We are launching a new ‘artistic excellence’ standard; formalising our training, development & cultural partnerships; and increasing our team and support for staff. This year we also celebrated becoming formal partners of the Royal Exchange Theatre. Our motivation to continually adapt, develop and improve is inspired by the need to offer the most transformative theatre and cultural experiences for people facing the greatest level of disadvantage and discrimination.

With huge thanks to new funders this year Innox Foundation, Foyle Foundation and Pilgrim Trust as well as so many long term supporters and partners of our work, including The National Lottery.

Please enjoy a small snapshot of our impact from April 2022 – March 2023.”

Rebecca Friel, CEO Odd Arts