Odd Arts Annual Report 2023-2024

"This year has felt overwhelming for many, with world conflict & injustice impacting the way people experience the everyday. Odd Arts has tried to provide spaces that challenge, hold safety, and open up discussions that otherwise feel shut down. We have also worked in more...

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Odd Arts Annual Report 2022-2023

This year we have continued to build on the themes that matter so deeply to us: Overcoming hate, discrimination & racism; reducing violence (in its many forms); celebrating unheard stories; and mental health. We have seen an increased demand for our work and the complexity that...

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Odd Arts Annual Report 2021-2022

It's once again hard to know where to start with summing up the last year for Odd Arts. Like everyone, we had to continue to be flexible & resilient to overcome the ongoing hurdles & unpredictability that the world kept throwing at us. The creative...

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Odd Arts Annual Report 2020-2021

Well, what a year. One which has felt overwhelmingly sad for so many reasons and for so many people. We want to take this opportunity to look back on the hope, resilience and achievements attained by our Odd Arts beneficiaries, staff and volunteers amidst such adversity. To reflect...

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